Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, if you have a question not answered here please feel free to contact us directly.

Is it buffalo or cow milk?
At the moment we provide mixed milk, with about 60% buffalo and 40% cow ratio. Pure buffalo milk is very thick and creamy and have a very strong aroma whereas cow milk is lighter and not ideal for making tea and other milk products so we came up with this mixed ratio where milk is light to drink with no strong aroma and yet have enough fat to make delicious tea and other milk products.

Do you have your own dairy farm?
Yes, we have our own dairy farm in Dhoop Sarri Village, 2km From Jumber Adda Multan Road.

How do you ensure milk quality?
We manage end to end operations ourselves, from milk production to collection, transportation, packing and final delivery. We have strict SOPs at each stage, we minimize human touch to the milk thus keeping the milk quality high. Our animals are kept in all natural environment with no exposure to artificial feeds, injections or steroids.

How can you sell 100% pure milk at that price?
Generally, the milk you buy in market passes through 4 different parties, i.e. Milk producer, Milk collector, Bulk buyer and your local milk man, each party keeps a profit share, causing the consumer price to soar, some parties even do adulteration to increase the profit margins. Since we manage end to end operations ourselves there is only 1 portion of profit needed, while maintaining 100% purity of the milk.

Why do I see powdery stuff stick to the bottom of pan when I boil my milk?
If you boil frozen milk it is likely to leave powdery stuff at the bottom of the pan, this is due to the fact that frozen milk contents are separated from each other, milk is mainly composed of water, milk solids and fat, the freezing and boiling point of these three components are different, when milk is frozen it causes these components to separate from each other and when boiled directly the milk solids are left at the bottom of the pan which gives illusion of powder. This is a natural phenomenon and can be verified from any milk expert or labs who do milk testing. We recommend to not boil frozen milk directly and always defrost it completely before boiling. Another alternative is to add a little water in the pan before boiling which will prevent milk solids to burn and stick at the bottom. Our milk is 100% pure organic without anything added or removed, and we provide 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Why do I feel slight variation in milk taste sometimes?
Milk taste depends on what animals eat, if they eat green feed the milk produced will be thinner and taste less sweet due to the amount of water content in the fresh feed, however if they eat dried feed they produce thicker and sweeter milk. As the feeds are seasonal and keep on chaging over time the milk taste can vary slightly.

Are your milk bottles food graded?
Yes our milk bottles are 100% certified food graded, this can be verified from our bottles supplier as well. A copy of certificate can be sent to you upon request.

What if the milk is spoiled when we received it?
If the milk is spoiled, you can claim free replacement within one hour of delivery, as the raw milk can go bad easily if mishandled we can only give free replacement if informed within one hour of delivery. We’ll collect the bad milk bottle and waste it in front of you.

What are the available payment options?
We have flexible payment options available where customers can choose to pay on daily, weekly or monthly basis. We have an online customer portal where customers can manage their delivery schedules, view account history and invoices and can manage complaints.
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